Guy im dating lost his phone. What do I do?

The guy im dating lost his phone. He hasn't been on snapchat, instagram, whatsapp and hasn't responded to my message for over a week. I'm worried that he had to change his number and he doesn't know my number. What should I do? Do you think his number will stay the same?


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  • Don't you know where he lives? Can't you talk to him in person at least once a week until he gets a new phone?


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  • What?
    Why does he need his phone? Why can't you guys just meet in person?

    • We can't meet because I can't get in contact with him😔

    • Sorry, but seems weird.
      If he knows where you live or work then he can visit you or vise versa.
      He probably has a laptop so he could've contacted you with that and I'm sure he has friends so he could contact you that way too.


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  • All of those applications are accessible on a regular computer. So, I assume if he had to get ahold of you to give you his new number, it would be as simple as logging in on a PC and sending you his new number...

  • If he registered his SIM card, then he should be able to transfer it to a new one. I'm not sure how Verizon/Sprint works.


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