Do you ever wonder if the person you dated will come back around?

so I dated this guy for 5months but it never worked out for us because he was emotionally unavailable.. I think it might have been a mixture of him not getting over his ex and his own self doubts because he seemed very guarded. Also he's the very shy type that has low self esteem and insecurity. He informed me since our 3rd date that he was scared of being vulnerable and he fears getting hurt again.. so we took things slow and became physically intimate after 3 months.. despite dating for a few months I always felt like he wasn't trying to get to know me and he would make wrong judgements about me. He also informed me that he has a picky personality when it came to his life so I felt like I could never reach that idealistic standard that he set for his relationship.. when I brought up the topic of commitment and becoming official he would just tell me that he has doubts about me because I don't like the same things he does and we have different interests.. I would tell him interests can be created but he just wouldn't yield to my statement.. It's been a few months now since the break up but I noticed myself still thinking about this guy even tho he didn't have the qualities that I wanted in my future mate.. but I sometimes wonder if he will come back around. Is this normal?


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  • He played you like the fool you are. Scared of being vulnerable and afraid of being hurt means "I'm not interested in you unless it's just to fuck" which is exactly what you did lol smh. What do you think of him now?


What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah what you going through now is perfectly normal.
    You just haven't really moved on from him yet because you haven't met the right guy yet.
    It's not really him that you miss. Probably the time together you two shared. Like intimacy, flirt and stuffs.
    You know he's not really the one for you. And he's not interested in you anymore so just forget about him and try to date other guys see what's out there.
    You'll eventually find the right one.

  • No. Once something is done, is done.