How to talk to him?

I like this guy and I think we may have a chance because...
-he started at me at his football game and all his football friends turned around and started to look at me
- we sometimes look at each other in class and smile
- He was walking with his friends and saw me and turned around and looked at me and all his friends were laughing and smiling. Then, he turns around and asks me "who was medical academy teacher." And that was an excuse to talk to me cause he asked me that question before and said it was stupid
does it seem like he likes me?
And how do I talk to him , I get shy whenever I see him and he doesn't really speak either.


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What Guys Said 2

  • He seems freindly, whether he likes you is difficult to conclude from the infomration you've given us. If you like him and want to see if it can be something I'd suggest you try and engage him in conversations. You don't have to start one massive conversation, maybe just a bit of small talk and try to work out from there what can work to get you two more involved in talking to each other. What I mean is look for something that you both find interesting and want to talk about.. it doesn't have to be one thing it can be many different things and the amount of time you spend can be small or big. Don't be discouraged if some don't last long...

  • I mean he's just a friendly person, and don't take it serious, and just be his friend.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, what are his interests? Talk to him about his interests. You can check what he likes on facebook and next time you see him, try to start a conversation about it