Attracted to me or nah?

I met this girl during chemistry class and said "Do you understand this? haha". She sort of smiled and said not really. We had a little convo on how BS organic chemistry is and I asked if she had any friends in the class and she said no. I got her number so we can "study together" and she didn't hesitate to give me her number. We laugh at the difficulty together. I'm really cautious and I don't want to assume anything. Anyways, we are both pre-medicine students and we can relate. I did not ask her if she has a boyfriend and I don't know much besides where she's from and her career. We had a convo last night.

Me: you down to study ochem tmrw? Her: Oh hey I might be busy tmrw so are you free next week? haha Me: yeah sure like Monday Her:ok, same that works! haha see you in class? Me:yah sit next to me. Top row I usually sit there. Her: Okay. gotchu *two emojis*( the ones where the thumb and index finger are in a circle shape and the other fingers are pointed straight up.)

So we met in class today. She kind of joked and said "you should have saved me a seat haha." I told her I came in late. we both sat in the back row but not next to each other. so far she always has to "meet someone" after class so we walk about half way across campus and then we part ways. She does not touch me or flirt but she does smile and laugh a little with my "small talk." So could you please spell it out for me? (step by step) Thank you very much!


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  • She might have social anxiety?
    I act this way around everyone. Especially people I find attractive. My first instinct is to run away when conversing with someone. So I'll make small talk and say I have somewhere to be or someone to meet when I get too anxious.
    So she might be, she just might be socially anxious or something along those lines.


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  • Apparently girls don't automatically assume that you might like them when you ask for their number, if you're in a classroom and you just want to study.

    Maybe she'll be HOPEFUL that you like her if she thinks you're super attractive, but otherwise you're just a study buddy.

    • thanks bro. any advice on how to go about this and ask her out?

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    • yah that would suck if she has a boyfriend.

    • Well it's not that unlikely. I've been in this situation before.


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  • Hmm, I think you're a wonderful writer

    • haha I wrote this real fast

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    • yah i barely know her though. how do i ease into asking her to do something else? my school is pretty boring.

    • Well that's true and I thought that too but you did ask her to study with you. Just keep talking to her then and getting to know her. Find out things about her.. stuff she likes or things she likes to do. Maybe go to a gathering on campus-something like that

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  • My n

  • "Small talk"

    are you talking about your penis size.

    • haha no I wasn't

    • "small talk"

      are you talking about your bank account? living off food stamps must be hard.