Why would he change his mind when things were going so well?

I met a guy at a friend's party just over a week ago and we spent the whole evening together chatting, dancing, holding hands... a really good time! He tried to kiss me so many times and was talking about date ideas on the way home. Over the next 5 days he asked me on two dates and although we were both a bit nervous they both went really well; he seemed really into me and even wanted me to go and visit his family with him and stuff. Then today he suddenly text me and said "can I come over and talk to you about some things right now?" and then ended things with me abruptly, saying he thought we didn't have much in common (to which I said we've only had two dates) and he thinks he still has feelings for his ex who cheated on him 6 months ago and left him for another guy. How should I feel about this and is there anything I should do?


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  • He could be making things up, however something must have happened to have him flip a switch so fast. Regardless of what happened I'd just be glad he told you instead of just becoming a ghost. I'd just forgot about him as much as it sucks.


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  • There is nothing you can do except move on. At least, he confessed it early.