Dating a guy same as your height?

So girls do you mind marrying a guy your height or slightly taller like you will tower him in heels.
how would you feel towering next to him wearing heels?
I'm 5'9 and concerned about my height. I do feel girls would often reject me because of my height or even slightly shorter girls would reject me coz of that 'heels' thing that they will tower over me wearing them.


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  • I don't care if I'm taller in heels, but he has to be taller when I'm bare foot.
    5'9" and up is nice


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  • It's funny how many people on this website (male and female) obsess over height, yet in the real world this really doesn't seem to impact me. I am 5'6 and while I don't attract a great many women, the one's I do attract always tend to be taller than me.

    GAG isn't a proper measure of the world's populace and thank goodness.


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  • I prefer guys my height and taller. I don't usually wear heels anyway.

  • Tbh I've actually had this problem with a guy I really liked that was the same height as me. I don't know why but Id prefer if he was a little taller. There is just something about your man being taller than you that does it for me. The towering thing bothers me slightly too.

    That said, I reckon if you had something truly special it shouldn't be a deal breaker and I don't think 5ft 9 is short! So you have nothing to worry about!!


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