Girls, Ladies, if you invite a guy to hang out (with the intention of having sex) and he doesn't make a move, how does this make you feel?

Would this make you angry? Feel unwanted? Would it lessen your attraction for him? And would you give him another chance?


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  • If he knows he's coming over for the sake of hanky panky, and he doesn't make a move or respond to mine, yes, I'd be annoyed because I could have found someone who actually was willing to get down and dirty.
    If he doesn't know what I wanted out of the evening I might be a little disappointed because I was hoping to do the deed, but it's not as though he had any knowledge, so I couldn't be angry.
    Definitely wouldn't lessen my attraction. I'd just make sure I call someone else for the frickle frackling next time.

    • Do make it absolutely clear to him or are you subtle leaving it up to him to figure out?

    • Always make it clear for a booty call.
      If we're dating it's different. Then it needs to be more subtle. But if he didn't I wouldn't be less attracted to him, I'd simply think he's not ready and leave it at that. No change.

  • I would just enjoy his company doing whatever I invited him for (eg dinner, movie) and I would ask him to come over again and just make a move myself if he doesn't

  • hi, well to be honest in the majority of situations if the females is ready for sex most often it would be made pretty open and clear and a lot of guys would take up the offer... however... if the intentions were clearly shown and he didn't respond to the vibe it would very much depend on how it all felt at the time and how i felt about him etc etc i could perhaps see it as a sign of respect and wanting to take more time for us, i could think he is not interested, it really would depend on the situation. this wasn't me planning a sexual encounter but recently i had a second meeting up with a guy who had briefly come to my house for a coffee and a kiss and cuddle only and then this evening i went to his, he sat in his man chair and eventually put on a documentary type show about lorry drivers omg only when i asked do you move from your chair and get this horrendous reply, only for a poo!!! he eventually joined me on the sofa, needless to say, that was it for me, so bad almost laughable... xx