Is it ok to like/date your best friends ex?

So my best friend went out with this boy for about 3 months and he broke up with her.
She got over it and started going out with her current boyfriend, but still had lust for him.
He has a small crush on me and I do like him a little but I know my friend will be pissed.
I know that don't date your friends ex rule but if I like him shouldn't I have every right to go out with him?

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  • Generally it's not ok, but if you really want to date him then you should ask her about it.

    And yeah you do have the right to go out with him, but if you do that she has every right to hate you and stop being friends with you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't do it!

    Technically yes, you have a right to go out with whomever you want. BUT and the big BUT part of this is: This is your friend. She may seem like she is over the relationship and may be with someone new. But I'm sure if you just start dating him she will be hurt.

    There's still some feeling there even if they aren't together. Is it really worth it to risk a friendship over a guy? I don't think so unless he is the one but even then would it still be worth the risk?

    Plus you are so young. There are plenty of other single guys out there, one's who don't even know your friend.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Messy drama, don't do it.

  • Thats basically rule number 2, rule number 1 being don't sleep with your friend's current boyfriend. Number 2, is don't date their ex.


What Girls Said 4

  • Depends how much you value your friendship with your friend. If you feel
    You want to end the friendship with your friend than yes. If not, then don't date the guy.

    My ex girlfriend is doing it. He is older n left me to
    a woman (his collehe best friends ex... From 20 years ago)
    His best friend found out... His best friend hates them both now. And threat to hurt them both.
    My ex called me to get my approval, I told him my opinion, he didn't like what I said, well he lost his best friend.
    Man code- broh before hoe... My ex dropped his broh... N me to be with her...
    Advice from an older woman - man comes and goes- friends last.
    When he breaks your heart, who will you turn to?

  • Similar story here. I am friends with benefits with one my friend's exes. It's been about 2 years since they dated. We are talking about dating. You have a right to go out with him. Even if she is over him it can still cause problems. It can ruin your friendship. So think about it before you do it. Maybe get to know him alittle more before you decide to go out with him or not. I want to know what your decision will be.

  • go for him if you don't care about your friend, if you do care about her friendship stop obsessing there are plenty of guys out there

  • Breaks girl code. Expect a lot of drama and broken friendships if you do go for it.