How do white men feel about black women? (no hateful comments please)

I am a black woman who has always been pretty curious about what it would be like to date a white guy. I see handsome white men all of the time, but I'm usually too shy to approach them, and they never show interest anyways. I know for a fact that I'm not the only black woman feeling this way. My friends and I talk about this all of the time and they want to try dating a white guy just as much as I do. Something about them is just SO appealing to us. Basically, I'm wondering if I should even bother approaching a white man. I want to know if white guys are as interested in black women as we are in them. Please enlighten me!:-D lol


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  • Some white guys are really sexy, I would definately date a sexy attractive guy regardless of skin tone, but I think they are afraid to ask out a brownie especially in the UK. Not all of us are loud and rowdy, I think that depends on your social surroundings.

  • i it hate when whit guys are afraid to talk to me I'm not gonna eat you lol

  • Yes they are. They are many white guys who think that black girls are really beautiful. YOu have nothing to worry about.

  • I've dated plenty of white guys and yes they are cute and fun to be with but truly they are the same as any other guy. The only main difference that I have seen between white and black guys is that black guys think that they own girls , and cheat and that white guys are so possive and are easily angered and can also be push overs. Other than that guys are guys it just depends on the person your with not so much the skin color.

  • where I am from louisville ky, you see a lot of white girls with black men and white girls with mexicans.but most of the black girls I know say they like white men but they fell the same as you so I went around asking white men if they would date a black girl and they said yea but they said they don't think any black girls like white guys.they feel like the black girls are affraid of how the black men will think...

  • I think that if you are attracted to someone, you should go for it. From my experience there are many WM who like BW, but think that BW will reject them. It is true that the majority of BW prefer BM, but there are some BW who are open to non BM. I do know that some WM are more subtle if they are interested in you and it took me a while, at first to pick up on whether the guy was even flirting with me or not because it can be different from how a BM will approach.

  • There's so many questions like this on the website. Gah.

    Everyone is different. I don't know why you generalize and want generalized comments.

    There are lots of black women who aren't interested in white guys so your statement, "I want to know if white guys are as interested in black women as we are in them" is weird.

    There are white guys who like black women and white guys who don't. Yes, white guys who like black women exist, but you can't tell if a guy is that type just by looking at him. The only guaranteed place you will find such men are on an interracial dating site.

    Simple as that.

  • well I wouldn't approach one because you never know if he likes black women but like with any guy try to make eye contact. if he seems interested then I guess it would be okay to approach. I get hit on them more than I do black guys for some reason. my friend told me I look like I only date white guys, I don't know what that means lol

  • LOL. I totally know what you mean. I was there just recently.

    But white men are interested in black women it just depends on what region you are in.

    Here in Texas its a little hard to come by but they are there. I am actually only attracted to white men and I prefer to date men who aren't black. = ]

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    Its funny I don't think very many white men think black women find them attractive. I think a lot of white men are nervous to try to ask a black girl out. I think some black women are definitely hot, plenty of black women are very pretty, I love when they don't straighten their hair and have braids and afros, and to be honest black girls tend to have big butts that's attractive to me. A lot of black women are smart independent minded and not as likely to play dumb for men and be clingy. Ironically despite what rap might say black women seem like they are goldiggers much less so than white women. I like black women who are polite and approachable. I am not a racist, at least I don't think I am but black women who act ghetto talk loud and a lot of slang are frankly kinda intimidating to approach, guys don't like rejection from a woman they wanted especially if its witty loud in front of a bunch of people profanity laced and in a dialect they probably don't understand. We fear verbal beat downs from women almost as much as women fear physical abuse from men. I find that a lot of older black women seem like really nice people to talk to but a lot of younger black girls frankly don't. It's not that all black teenage girls are mean, they just seem to act like it to try to be tough or something. Its not that it offends me it just sorta puts up a wall. That said a lot of white guys are totally racist and wouldn't even consider dating a black girl or would only be interested in sex. That's their problem and means they aren't worth your time, nothing for you to feel bad about.

    • Amen I couldn't of said it better myself, I love the braids and afros too haha

  • Are you kidding me your come I never get to meet girls like you I mean your probably a little taller than I would date or whatever but I would introduce you to some guys who would love you

  • anyone can date anyone in my world.

  • Intriguing, sexy, exotic...intimidating...

    Very interested...

    Unfortunately some don't think you are interested in us.

    • I find black chics intriguing, and love the thought of chocolate and vanilla together.

    • me too

    • I find white men incredibly hot. :)

  • Me personally, I love black women. I don't find white women attractive for a few reasons that I won't get into. The darker the skin the more attractive I find them, can't really explain it. Just something sexy about dark, and I mean really dark skinned women. Only problem is I have a hard time talking to black women cause you never know which ones like white guys. I would love to have some help on this one, I might just have to ask the question myself on here if no one says anything.

    • I think there are more that DO like white guys than you think : )

      Next time, give it a try, be YOURSELF, and if it doesn't work, don't get discouraged.

  • Im a white guy,an I prefer black females over any other race: because ya'll are more independant an ya'll are VERY pretty,i love natural black women..allot of guys I'm seein here say they like hair straightened that's not all there should be no reason that anyone can't approach a black female I have plenty of times..been shot down a few an I've gained a different than talkin to a girl of any other race..

  • Most white guys would kill for the opportunity to be with a black woman I mean I don't know why but it's a point of pride with us if you are attractive you can pretty much count on a white guy saying yes and then banging the bajesus out of you just to prove to himself he can give you an orgasm because the myth/stereotype of black men having a large penis also translates to black women are larger to accept a big black penis so therefore if me a white guy can make a big vagina black woman come than a white vagina should be easy.

    • lol you are funny. 2 be honest I rarely ever see white guys interested in black girls, so looking at the comments from white men interested in black women is surprisng to me! I have never dated a white guy (im black) but have wondered sometimes how it would be but it just seems like most white guys are in2 light skinned blk women other than chocoltae girls like me. If a white guy was interested in me, I wouldn't know due 2 my knowledge because it seems like most of you are into other women.

    • The white man with a small penis myth is absolute nonsense, like not all black women have large vvarginas. Shape and size depends on the individual and their genetic make up. I saying this because I have been intimate with a white guy and he was quite large in that department.

  • I am a white guy in the UK, for me its all about personality and not colour or race, you are either attracted to someone or your not. My view is if you like someone then go for it, if they are not interested because of your colour or race then they ain't worth sh*t. Good luck

  • it all comes down to the individual.

    i personally like mixed white-asian girls but everyone is different

  • I've dated a few black girls... Some were mixed race. For me, it's down to the individual.

    If I find her attractive and she's interested, I'll ask her out... black, white, Asian... Whatever.

  • We don't show interest because like you we are also apprehensive and nervous about talking to you.

    • haha and we feel the same way...u should make a move 2 a black woman you seek interests in.

  • i find some black women attractive. but I prefer white or Hispanic. I think part of it is the hair, I like natural hair on black women and most don't wear it that way.

  • It seems like both black girls and white guys are equally afraid to approach the other. ha ha I also have never dated a black woman, but at this point in my life, I'd actually prefer it to a white woman. I'm the kind of guy who grew up watching movies like Foxy AND Jackie Brown practically salivating over Pam Grier, if that gives any insight. haha

    • They are beatiful aren't they :]

    • Haha!!! so tureee!!

    • Hahaha

  • the same way we feel about white women! there is no difference, at least to me, I might fall for either!

  • Yes, I'm most defintely attracted to black girls, but I'm Norwegian (northern Europe), and we don't have many black girls here who would date white guys because most are African Muslims. What I like about some black girls is that they often have nice smooth skin, lovely curves and a nice smile. Obviously, personality is the most important, and we'd have to be compatible (see my comment on Muslim African women).

    I think that in Norway we have a different perception of things than in the US. Guys here aren't used to meeting black girls and we don't have the same preconceived notions of African Americans as you might have there.

  • I love black women, you should go for a white guy one day...i do see why it is hard sometimes, I dated an african girl for 3 years now. I'm so interested! Once you go black, you never go back!LOL

    Here's my number, not a freak, I love black women I have a job, am going to Lee U. I'm GOD fearing and Jesus is the center of my world, so if you need a real man here ya go

    Call me

  • I am actually rarely attracted to white girls I am very attracted to black, black Hispanic and Asian girls. Though Asians are my preference. Just wondering where do black girls with your preference live. I've only heard of this on the Internet. Unless both people are suburban. Also generally its not a race thing, its a culture thing. Most suburban people only date suburban people. A lot of them, if not the majority are straight up prejudice of urban people. My preference is rare but most white guys like black girls if not more than white girls.

  • It just depends on the guy really. Unless he's living in the last century or he just doesn't find black women attractive, then a guy isn't going to treat you any different than a white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. woman. I personally have had crushes on plenty of black girls before.

  • I had sex with a black woman last night for the first time in my life. I was like you, I didn't think she was interested. She pursued me. If you see a white guy you like, be bold and approach him. You might be surprised by his reaction.

    • Yeye

  • I am white and I am interestead in black women but I act white lol. By that I mean I like things you don't see a lot of Black people interestead in. Doesn't mean I'm racist its just what I was grown up upon. As for dating black women yes I would I had a crush on a black girl in high school but I never made a move because I didn't know how she or everyonelse would think of that.

    • White is not a personality and "acting white" is called being suburban.

  • oh yeah I am one of those white men that absolutely love black women- my problem is that where I live it seems the black women don't want to be approached by a white guy

    • Every I've lived seemed be the same way. I never saw a desirable black girl with white unless they were surburban

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