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How do white men feel about black women? (no hateful comments please)

I am a black woman who has always been pretty curious about what it would be like to date a white guy. I see handsome white men all of the time, but... Show More

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  • Its funny I don't think very many white men think black women find them attractive. I think a lot of white men are nervous to try to ask a black girl out. I think some black women are definitely hot, plenty of black women are very pretty, I love when they don't straighten their hair and have braids and afros, and to be honest black girls tend to have big butts that's attractive to me. A lot of black women are smart independent minded and not as likely to play dumb for men and be clingy. Ironically despite what rap might say black women seem like they are goldiggers much less so than white women. I like black women who are polite and approachable. I am not a racist, at least I don't think I am but black women who act ghetto talk loud and a lot of slang are frankly kinda intimidating to approach, guys don't like rejection from a woman they wanted especially if its witty loud in front of a bunch of people profanity laced and in a dialect they probably don't understand. We fear verbal beat downs from women almost as much as women fear physical abuse from men. I find that a lot of older black women seem like really nice people to talk to but a lot of younger black girls frankly don't. It's not that all black teenage girls are mean, they just seem to act like it to try to be tough or something. Its not that it offends me it just sorta puts up a wall. That said a lot of white guys are totally racist and wouldn't even consider dating a black girl or would only be interested in sex. That's their problem and means they aren't worth your time, nothing for you to feel bad about.

    • Amen I couldn't of said it better myself, I love the braids and afros too haha

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  • Depends on the girl. Skin color matters not at all to me, but I'm not into "Thick" women no matter what their shade. Slender or athletic black women with a pretty face are hot.

    • Sigh...You should call me Zagor. I always thought that men prefer thickness. :)

    • U look pretty nice nsp; too bad you're in the frozen north.

  • I am actually rarely attracted to white girls I am very attracted to black, black Hispanic and Asian girls. Though Asians are my preference. Just wondering where do black girls with your preference live. I've only heard of this on the Internet. Unless both people are suburban. Also generally its not a race thing, its a culture thing. Most suburban people only date suburban people. A lot of them, if not the majority are straight up prejudice of urban people. My preference is rare but most white guys like black girls if not more than white girls.

  • I feel love in my heart 😍.

  • I had sex with a black woman last night for the first time in my life. I was like you, I didn't think she was interested. She pursued me. If you see a white guy you like, be bold and approach him. You might be surprised by his reaction.

  • i realy find all women attractive...if my parents weren't old fashioned id like to date a black girl ...now when I say that I mean someone who is themselvs probably not the kinda people that inforce styerotypes(and I mean that is what I'm attracted to)...but you look nice if I could id like to give ya a chance

  • anyone can date anyone in my world.

  • Intriguing, sexy, exotic...intimidating...

    Very interested...

    Unfortunately some don't think you are interested in us.

    • I find white men incredibly hot. :)

    • me too

    • I find black chics intriguing, and love the thought of chocolate and vanilla together.

  • I am a white guy in the UK, for me its all about personality and not colour or race, you are either attracted to someone or your not. My view is if you like someone then go for it, if they are not interested because of your colour or race then they ain't worth sh*t. Good luck

  • it all comes down to the individual.

    i personally like mixed white-asian girls but everyone is different

  • We don't show interest because like you we are also apprehensive and nervous about talking to you.

    • haha and we feel the same way...u should make a move 2 a black woman you seek interests in.

  • Yes, I'm most defintely attracted to black girls, but I'm Norwegian (northern Europe), and we don't have many black girls here who would date white guys because most are African Muslims. What I like about some black girls is that they often have nice smooth skin, lovely curves and a nice smile. Obviously, personality is the most important, and we'd have to be compatible (see my comment on Muslim African women).

    I think that in Norway we have a different perception of things than in the US. Guys here aren't used to meeting black girls and we don't have the same preconceived notions of African Americans as you might have there.

  • That's a tough one. Basically, the reluctance of white men to date black women continues because even white guys who are interested in BW operate under the assumption that they are AT BEST a distant second option to black men in the eyes of BW. BW need to come out and let it be known that they are actually interested in WM of their own accord, not as a fallback.

    • 1mo

      I'm a black woman and I'm letting it be known that black women from all over the world are interested in white men and certainly not as a fallback.

  • It's a preference. There are a lot of white guys attracted to black females.

    Make sure you get one that is willing to date you for the right reasons and not just a hook up.

    I'd say wait until they introduce you to friends or family before really putting a lot of stock in them, but yes white men do like black women.

    This is really a case by case basis it's not fair to ask if white men feel a certain way because they all have different opinions, but some are definitely attracted to black women.

  • my question is... do black girls like white men? I find many of them atractive... but never thought they feel the same way...seldom see a black woman with a white guy.. or even look our way.

    • Yes

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    • Or do we get matching tattoo's?

    • 1mo

      Yes we do like white guys. I find with men that no interest is shown most of the time. Sometimes I will catch a white guy staring but he won't say hi or approach. Anyways yes we are attracted to white men.

  • The bothers should aswer that because they have your back. If you are a single woman with single residency and a white girl as a room mate that would open some doors for you. You may have to be in a situation of having a great job and the protections and respect that would keep the black men from knocking at your door. A white guy would have to be very confident to date a black woman; too much pressure from the hood.

    • "too much pressure from the hood"? you make all black girls sound like ghetto people, not all black girls are from the hood. And for your information the they have white people "in the hood" too.

  • I'd love to date a black woman, but were I live there aren't a lot who aren't way older/younger or already dating someone else :( but if I had the chance I would (I just love the darker skin color it's so attractive)

  • hmmmm...

    for me I would definitely go out with a hot black chick ( with big boobs and very sexy ass )

    i think I just got a boner ...

  • I've chased a few black women. I was hanging out with one on the strip in Vegas last weekend actually but she didn't like that I was a modern guy which I expected because she was on some religious trip. I did get to hug her though

  • Are you kidding me your gorgeous...how come I never get to meet girls like you I mean your probably a little taller than I would date or whatever but I would introduce you to some guys who would love you

  • White guys don't typically date white women. Many just don't find them attractive, but others have their own hate issues. For the average guy in my area, they have nothing against them. There are stereotypes however... loud... belligerent... but those are just stereotypes.

  • I think you should take your region into consideration. I am from the Great Lakes area, and see white men with black women frequently. I have also spent some time in East Texas, and I would have to say that is probably not accepted very well there. Personally pretty is pretty, sexy is sexy. Being married I would doubt if I get a chance to date a black women, but if I found her attractive, and we connected on a personal and intellectual level, of course I would date her.

  • Well yes opposites do attract! I'm a white guy who has dated several black women. I was once engaged to a Westindian woman but she ended up f***ing my younger brother, so I took my engagement ring back. I didn't stop dating black women, however, whenever I could find one who was brave enough to put up with the racial abuse we got just for walking down the street together, mostly from young black men. (I live in London, by the way.) The last woman I was serious about was from Jamaica. I wanted to marry but in the end she told me "I don't want to be with no white man. I have to be with a black man. I don't want no half-caste kids". What could I say? When I think about it, I'm lucky I didn't marry her and I kick myself to think that I had such poor judgement. But how can you know in advance if a woman, especially a woman you're passionate about, can take the full heat of inter-racial romance? It can be lovely but BE SURE YOU'RE UP FOR IT is my advice. You may have to make some hard choices. It's not the way things should be but it's the way things are. Good luck!

  • I wouldn't know about white men but Latin men love Black women.

    • Well why don't Latin men approach black women I would love to see that happen because a lot of black women love latin men.

    • Wow ... Are you kidding me? I see nothing but mixed babies out here ... lol ... I'm from Miami, nothing but spanish people from all corners of the carribean, south and central america. Trust me when I say Latin Men LOVE Black Women ...

  • i actually love black women I don't know know why but it might b that they are great in the bed they actually are interesting people overall. And ur pic is very sexy

  • It seems like both black girls and white guys are equally afraid to approach the other. ha ha I also have never dated a black woman, but at this point in my life, I'd actually prefer it to a white woman. I'm the kind of guy who grew up watching movies like Foxy AND Jackie Brown practically salivating over Pam Grier, if that gives any insight. haha

  • the same way we feel about white women! there is no difference, at least to me, I might fall for either!

    • Unfortunately, not in the real world. I live in London and the vast majority of white men are not into black women. I don't get looked at in the streets and get ignored in night clubs. I've previously lived in Italy and men could not get enough of me. I think it's a cultural thing.

  • Me personally, I love black women. I don't find white women attractive for a few reasons that I won't get into. The darker the skin the more attractive I find them, can't really explain it. Just something sexy about dark, and I mean really dark skinned women. Only problem is I have a hard time talking to black women cause you never know which ones like white guys. I would love to have some help on this one, I might just have to ask the question myself on here if no one says anything.

    • I think there are more that DO like white guys than you think : )

      Next time, give it a try, be YOURSELF, and if it doesn't work, don't get discouraged.

    • 1mo

      Hey I'm late to the discussion. I am a black female from the UK and I am very attracted to white men as well as men of other races. In the UK though white men don't approach black women which is frustrating. I catch them looking but they won't approach. As a woman I am not used to approaching men. But trust me black women in large numbers like white men and not as fall back or second choice. Just be natural and polite, strike up a conversation and take it from there ;-)

  • YES! YES WE ARE! STOP BEING SHY AND ASK US OUT ALREADY! BTW, I am a good looking white dude and I would love for someone as attractive as you to show interest. I don't think it's a "show's interest" kind of thing. it's more of white guys are not as forward as black guys when it comes to vocalizing out interest. Call me, oh wait I married.

  • Just entered a relationship with a black woman myself, and I'm already 99% convinced that she's the very woman I was born for. :) We took our relationship off-site on Thanksgiving and went public on Black Friday , if you can believe that. :P In the interest of fairness I should admit that she is my first black girlfriend, but I have definitely been attracted to black women before. Once I knew that I could trust her as a woman (not as a black person) and that she was interested in me, I was putty in her hands. The only fear that I had about going public was that other people might view it as an echo of the legendary Master/Slave relationship, as yet another instance of the Big Bad White Man living up to his sinister reputation by stealing something precious from the black community.

    I think you'll find that a lot of white men would love to date you. They're just scared that you might hold their race against them. We get lectured so loudly and often that our ancestors were evil and that we're "privileged" because we're white that the task of approaching you often looks like running across a minefield. Left to our own devices, we never know which idle word is going to get our legs blown off, so we usually try to stay clear of the blast radius. As white *men*, we get a double dose of The Lecture, so it's easy to feel like we already have two strikes against us before we can even pick up the bat. The relationship between Kip and LaFawnduh strikes us as funny because it looks like a far-flung hope of quixotic proportions... and because more often than we like to admit, we relate to Kip, who spends most of the movie looking like a complete loser.

    It might take a little more effort than usual to make us feel safe enough to approach you, but if you're willing to help us break the ice, we will practically worship you. There's nothing sexier than a little open interest. ;) Go for it, sistah! There's gold in them hills! :D

    • 3mo

      Love this comment!

  • Im a white guy,an I prefer black females over any other race: because ya'll are more independant an ya'll are VERY pretty,i love natural black women..allot of guys I'm seein here say they like hair straightened that's not all natural..an there should be no reason that anyone can't approach a black female I have plenty of times..been shot down a few an I've gained a few..do different than talkin to a girl of any other race..

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  • Yes they are. They are many white guys who think that black girls are really beautiful. YOu have nothing to worry about.

  • where I am from louisville ky, you see a lot of white girls with black men and white girls with mexicans.but most of the black girls I know say they like white men but they fell the same as you so I went around asking white men if they would date a black girl and they said yea but they said they don't think any black girls like white guys.they feel like the black girls are affraid of how the black men will think...

  • I'm a black girl currently dating a white guy. Most of my friends are white too, and many of them find black girls attractive. So you really don't have anything to worry about

  • I've dated plenty of white guys and yes they are cute and fun to be with but truly they are the same as any other guy. The only main difference that I have seen between white and black guys is that black guys think that they own girls , and cheat and that white guys are so possive and are easily angered and can also be push overs. Other than that guys are guys it just depends on the person your with not so much the skin color.

  • LOL. I totally know what you mean. I was there just recently.

    But white men are interested in black women it just depends on what region you are in.

    Here in Texas its a little hard to come by but they are there. I am actually only attracted to white men and I prefer to date men who aren't black. = ]

    • Hey, I am a white guy, and I just wanted to let you know that I live in Texas and that I was born in the south (GA-AL line). Furthermore, I am well educated and well employed. I noticed a comment you made suggesting that white guys that like black women are hard to find in Texas, and I just wanted to let you know that we do exist. No offense was taken to your comment, I just wanted to let you know white guys that think you are beautiful are everywhere. Good luck with everything.

  • To be completely honest, I have always had an attraction to white men and despite what some may say about my attraction, it has always been a preference. Over the course of many years I have wanted to date white men, but let the fear of rejection keep me from doing so. What I find very absurd, is this fact that some black men disagree with us (black women) dating white men, but often date outside of their race also. I would very much like to date a white man and see no harm in it, with that being said and after reading this post/comments I am now more aware that white men are just as approachable as any other race. Thanks for all of the helpful comments everyone. You all have helped me out tremendously.

  • Some white guys are really sexy, I would definately date a sexy attractive guy regardless of skin tone, but I think they are afraid to ask out a brownie especially in the UK. Not all of us are loud and rowdy, I think that depends on your social surroundings.

    • So move to the US!

    • 1mo

      Yes I agree with you Honeybaby, Im from the UK too, East London and the white men here are so gorgeous but they just don't approach.

  • i it hate when whit guys are afraid to talk to me I'm not gonna eat you lol

  • I think that if you are attracted to someone, you should go for it. From my experience there are many WM who like BW, but think that BW will reject them. It is true that the majority of BW prefer BM, but there are some BW who are open to non BM. I do know that some WM are more subtle if they are interested in you and it took me a while, at first to pick up on whether the guy was even flirting with me or not because it can be different from how a BM will approach.

  • There's so many questions like this on the website. Gah.

    Everyone is different. I don't know why you generalize and want generalized comments.

    There are lots of black women who aren't interested in white guys so your statement, "I want to know if white guys are as interested in black women as we are in them" is weird.

    There are white guys who like black women and white guys who don't. Yes, white guys who like black women exist, but you can't tell if a guy is that type just by looking at him. The only guaranteed place you will find such men are on an interracial dating site.

    Simple as that.

  • Some like, some don't like, some don't care but I don't know in the USA.

  • Well reading all these comments made me come to the conclusion that most white men (not all of them. Prefer not to approach black girls sometimes because most of us (once again not all) come off as really intimidating... Well people I do agree that some of us black girls have this really annoying habit of acting ghetto or play hard to get sometimes even rude. But my people some black woman are like jaw breakers they seem like hard candy but in reality they are just waiting for someone that they can show their softer side to. So do not be afraid to approach them. Well obviously there are different personalities with black one like there is with white. I'm a big softy... I would personally say and I am 100% that at least 8/10 black females like white guys. I mean what's not to like I myself find them very hot. If I offense anybody with what I send I'm sorry :)

  • well I wouldn't approach one because you never know if he likes black women but like with any guy try to make eye contact. if he seems interested then I guess it would be okay to approach. I get hit on them more than I do black guys for some reason. my friend told me I look like I only date white guys, I don't know what that means lol

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