Being a short girl in Scandinavia is even worse than being a short guy in States?

OMG I was on tinder and there were lots of guys who have height requirement like 170+ :S I am only two inches shorter than their female average (~165) and it really sucks :/ I have told that I am too short for almost all guys. What is problem with these size queen guys? (From Denmark)
Now I understand you short guys !! :(

Send all height obsessed girls here, they will be learn their lesson...


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  • Swedish guy here
    Yeah I am 178cm (5'11") and I want a taller girl cuz they are even more attractive :D but I can be OK with shorter girls (not under 5'5") The problem with short girls is their short girl sendrome. They have lower self confidence which makes them more unattractive. I know many women who are under 5'7" and have good relationships. There are guys who are not obsessed with height and completely would be OK with shorter girls.


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  • Me: only an inch shorter than famele average from Sweden;
    I can approve. Sweden (especially Stockholm) is a paralel universe where short guys become female and size queen girls become guy. There is no Short Guy Sendrome in here, guess what is exist?


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  • Why is that worse than being a short guy?

    • Because all guys are like Tinder girls who post their minimum required height on their profile. :D
      Short men dont have it harder in here

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    • Dude a certain level of attraction is needed but it is not about a few centimeters. Attraction is a WHOLE PIC where height is only a dot in that. So 5'4", 5'8", 6'. Does not fuckin matter for me. A few cantimer dont make you Brad Pitt so it is not important. Shalowness is being extremely obsessed with a trivial think like height. I mean who calcutale others height? RU SRS

    • "does not fuckin matter for me" key words FOR ME.

  • I don't know how tall that is but just get outta there lmao we love short girls

    • 5'5"
      Oh I will dude, I will. Ugh these guys are male version of Tinder girls :D

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    • While even girls are not obsessed with guys height here :/

    • Organize an escape heist!

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  • Well usually in this type of application they dont really care much about such a difference. Nonethelss they seem very shallow! Are u from Scandinavian country?

    • I live in Denmark for 3 years and I have learnt there is a short girl sendrome here. Really, it exist!

    • Well the most important taspect is to be proportional but yes there can be a preference buta syndrome seems a bit too much. If u dont mond me asking where r u from?

    • Orginally France but moved to Denmark

  • I would say it's about the same.