Why swedish man prefer taller girlfriends?

I saw a question about Swedish man and their heşght requirements about girlfriend. Why they prefer girls taller than them? Do they feel manly while they are shorter than their girlfriend? :D
such weird. There is nothing wrong wşth being shorter than your girlfriend but why they especially WANT taller girlfriend?



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  • Because men are finally having standards and want to eradicate the short gene from the gene pool. Be thankful.

    Similar to how you girls will not reproduce with a short man as a first choice in a mate. Men need to do the same thing for women in order to ensure future generations are tall.

    You women should be thanking men.

    • Intresting
      Here in states, guys feel more manly with short girls. Most guys i know prefer shorter girls but in Sweden and i guess many other Scandinavian countries it is reversed :D

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  • it may be because of their culture OR maybe it is due to human evolution? you know Scandinavia is a unique geographical location.

  • No such thing as a standard. Am Swedish and live in Sweden, maybe few men has some fantasy here in sweden like this but not all the swedish men do prefer taller women.

  • We just find taller girls more attractive. There is no social norm that guy should be taller so we prefer girls who make us fascinated by their body. I have average height (6') here and mostly intrested in little taller girls like 6'1" but there are rare. All over 5'10" is OK for me and many others.

  • my best friends of swedish decent, he's tall, but has a short girlfriend

    • Wow intresting :D I have heard that swedish men desire taller girls :D

    • nope

    • "heyyy" what?

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