Please please please I need help :( what should I do?

Its maybe a bit long so please stick with me. ( by the way im 19 and he's 21)
So i'll try my best to give you the background of the story.. everything started 5years ago he's someone from the family, little by little we started texting and got to know each other better, he always looked for me so we could have a little moment for us and all my cousins thought he has a thing for me from the way he looks at me and was he teases me.. so i started i ending up falling for him.. as we got older things developed between us until one night we were texting he decided to finally confess his love for me. Anyway i didn't want to make things official cause i wasn't ready and he was okay with it from that day something bounded us a little more we starting talking and acting like couples do until one day and from nowhere he stared ghosting me like literally i felt like i was invisible for 20days, and the mistake i made is that i didn't look for him too, iwas confused and angry.. and then one day he called he acted like nothing was wrong and i didn't confront him about it so we started talking again but he was cold with me.. i tried fixing things and getting it back to normal and he was willing to do it.. last week he admited that the reason he was ghosting me is that there was someone new in his life he went on a date with her but nothing serious and he told me it was over at time i couldnt react i was in choc. Later on he wandering about me i only said it won't change anything i thought what you said to me few months ago was honest he said 'what things?' and i got more upset so i decided to ignore him and give him the cold shoulder but now i can't move on with my life im still attached to him i want answers about why he did it about us and his feelings for me i dont know if i should confront him and regret doing it later or try to forget and move on with my life which i can't do it right now so please help


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  • I would reach out, try to talk. Both should be clear about the wants, the what if's, the maybes etc. I would put everything on the table and so should he. When you talk to each other remain calm. Communication is the key. After you talk... Go from there and decide the next step either become one serious relationship, end whatever is going on, or just start a new relationship. Either way it's a two way street and both need to work on whatever you guys decide.


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  • Sounds like a dick