Please can someone explain?

Why would she agree to go to a concert with me Ask to be my plus one to a Halloween party And agree to go away to new jersey for a weekend to visit my sister and her family because she wants to get to know them we also go out 3 times a week for dinner or lunch and she pays a lot and when i pay she says you're too good to me she is very involved with my life and people are always asking if we're together so after all that we are still only friends i dont understand it she must like me more than a friend to some degree but won't admit it i have female friends and none of them act like she does and when we're at work she just acts like i'm a co-worker its driving me crazy any advice


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  • She probably does like you, but she is keeping it professional in the workplace. I respect her for that. If you feel like you two are more than just friends, let her know. Hope this helps! :-)


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  • honestly i think she like you but i understand if its a friendship you dont won't ruin so i would say be upfront and ask her but you probaly not for it. but i say initiate flirting. i think its easier to flirt with female friends because it a good test, plus it easier because you know them, its not like your strangers. plus the work thing shouldn't be a problem. i have 2 jobs and at one im fucking my manager and the other a coworker. and at both i rarly talk to them and it wasn't planed its just professional.

  • Welcome to the friend zone homie