Are mixed relationship real?

I've never seen a Latino guy with a white women. In the city of long beach (county of LA). So do you think there's racial boundaries? Because there was the girl in my algebra class who enjoyed talking and sitting with me before class. And we sat next to each other. But her being white had me confused because this hasn't happeneded happened to me. And like I don't know of any guy who dated out of there race. And what I means is between my friends. And Ik I'm a little more pale for a Hispanic but it's because my dad looks white. are mixed relationship real????


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  • I've known a few couples with white girls and latino guys.

    • Where I'm from it's almost like it's outlawed. ahaha

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  • My dads Mexican, moms a pura rubia (blonde all American girl), so yea they exist. Been together for 30 some years now

    • alright because I live in the South, of California