So I hit up my old college crush on Snapchat and?

She added me, her score is low so i know she barely uses it she only has IG and i only got FB so i decided to look her name up on SC and add her, well i sent her a message and just said hi, she doesn't know it was me i didn't say my name, or have my name on my SC, she just read it and didn't reply i was expecting a whose this lol now what should i say? Should i tell her its me? haven't spoken to her in months since i got sick and had to drop or should i make a IG add acouple of my friends then her? Im not trying to be weird but we use to always flirt and talk to eachother a lot but its been awhile and i been trying to find a way to contact her but every way seems stalker like lol pls help me?


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  • I think you should tell her.

    • Lol alright ill say its me

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  • Some people don't respond if they don't know who it is because of spam and bots

    • Should i tell her hey my bad this is my name lol i dont wanna be all pushy to get a response even though we were good friends but haven't seen or spoken ti eachother in months which makes me think it's weird to just hit her up now months later