Is she holding back cause she likes being single?

She hangs out with me multiple times a week even though she works two jobs and goes to school she has become close to my family and wants to meet my sister and nephew she even added her on facebook and started chatting with her she buys me things a lot and i do to and when i do she says you're too good to me she has no problem with touching but there is never an opening to make a move she has even fed me food before and when i reached out to reach for the fork she pushed my hand away we are involved in each others life but then when we are at work yes we work together she just acts normally and sometimes leaves without even saying anything i dont know why she is doing all this stuff with me if she likes being single is she taking things at her own pace i dont want to be pushy with her and needy but its starting to get on my nerves


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  • Yeah she is


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  • has she said that she doesn't want to be in a relationship? maybe you just need to talk to her. tell her how you feel and what you want

    • She told my friend who is her best friend that she doesn't believe in love cause of a couple of horrible relationships she had its like she doesn't want to open up and i'm here for her and i care but its like she doesn't want to accept it and whenever she is in a mood she always apologizes to me like she did something wrong i think she knows i like her i have a feeling someone told her i can't be sure though