How can I get over someone I didn't date but had a crush on & was he flirting with me too?

So I had a big crush on this guy... long story short I always felt like he liked me he was always touching my arm, smiling, he always said he wanted to invite me somewhere with friends but he never did. Anyways when I got the courage to ask him out or something he casually mentions. You didn't know I was dating. We had been friends for sometime now he never once mentioned this. I felt so stupid hebhad been dating this girl for almost 1 yr he failed to mention her. I am a respectful person so I stepped away & tried to avoid him most of the time. But one time I met with some friends for lunch. I guess he was invited. All the time he kept smiling at me, he touched my shoulder, playing he would pinch my shoulder. I was tured that day from work I rested my head on the table everyone was laughing. Then he says come on lay your head on my shoulder. But I didn't do that I thought that was disrespectful for his girlfriend. Anyways I stop watching his snapchats & Ig. Cuz it hurts that I liked him & yet we were never a thing he never knew I liked him how do I get over it? Was he flirting too?


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  • Sounds like you're doing the best thing you can do to get over it. Stop looking at his snapchat, IG, facebook etc. It does sound like he's trying to flirt with you, but who knows if its just for fun or if he's serious. Regardless of what his motives are he does have a girlfriend so for him to act like that towards you is a pretty lame thing to do.

    • yupp thats what I thought.

  • Definitely was flirting. Getting over it just takes time. I had a thing for a girl well after I left high school and it took about 3 months for me to stop thinking about her. Just try to catch yourself when you think about him and do some sort of activity to distract yourself.

    • I feel so stupid... & we all have the same circle of friends. But recently I have done a great job at avoiding him.

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    • Yeah your right. Thanks for your answer.😊😊

    • No worries! Good luck!

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  • I was in a similar situation recently, I had a crush on a friend and I always felt like he was flirting with me too (looks, touching, all that jazz). By now, I'm pretty sure he just sees me as a good friend and while that kind of sucks, I still have a friend who supports me, makes me laugh and loves me unconditionally (in a platonic way).
    And, there will be someone who loves you the way you love them, so why should you waste all your love and sadness on someone who doesn't love you the way you love them? You deserve better!