Should I feel bad about wanting to be just friends with my boyfriend?

The thought has crossed my mind a lot lately. I feel like we are on two different pages and we would be better off as friends. I know he won't take it particularly well however I feel like it's for the best.


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  • Well if you really feel that way then tell him that you feel that your on different pages. You want to try going back to being friends for a while and see if you two can catch up with each other. That might work unless you have already had sex with them then it most likely won't work out.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be honest with Him as Soon as you can. Time to put the Madness, not Badness, to Bed.
    Of course he Will be Upset, but it's Better than You being Unfair to him with What you Feel is a Raw deal to Continue this Masquerade.
    He may or may Not want to be 'Just Friends,' but with Time, like anything, along with Mother Nature, knows for Sure after the Burr.
    Good luck. xx


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  • you know, most guys dont like or want to be "just friends" with a girl.


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  • I did that to my boyfriend. It usually doesn't work though, just cuz the guy is hurt over the breakup