Is it the boyfriend (or girlfriends) job to keep you secure in the relationship?

Having experience in relationships. I always felt more confident when I was single than when I was dating someone. I always felt that the guys I dated felt I should automatically feel secure and be confident no matter what during the relationship, but I feel differently. Guys? Gals? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.


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  • Both parties have a responsibility in a relationship to make the other person feel good about themselves and secure in that relationship... that is part of what forms the basis of any relationship and is a two way thing. If you do not feel that way in relationships, you are most likely either dating the wrong guys, and/or you have trust/relationship issues that are affecting how you feel when dating and committing to another person. Either way feeling secure comes from both within yourself, and how your partner makes you feel! :)


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  • Both should HELP the other feel secure. However, it's not the sole responsibility of your boyfriend to make you feel secure. He cannot. Only you can make yourself feel secure, then his job is to nurture that.

  • Yes it is each partners responsibility to keep the other secure, IF that is possible.


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  • "I always felt more confident when I was single"
    I know that feeling.
    I think both parts should try to keep one-another secure.