Is she not interested or is she playing hard to get?

So there's this college girl I matched with on tinder. We snapchat all the time and we talk on the phone occasionally, she has invited me to come over multiple times but she loves kinda far away and whenever she invites me I'm doing something. Anyways before I get to the question I want to make it clear that I am not trying to get a girlfriend out of this I just want to hook up with her and move on. So when we snapchat we she always says how hot I am and how she can't wait until we hang out, but when we talk on the phone I notice she dosent really laugh or go along with my sarcasm. Also she dosent flirt with me over the phone we just talk about different things and we've mentioned sex a few times. My question is is she playing hard to get or is she not interested?


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  • Maybe she's shy. Or she just doesn't know what to say.
    I don't think she's playing hard to get or not interested.. She snapcjat you every day and talk to you on the phone. She's interested. It could be that she's nervous when she's on the phone with you. It seems like she considers you more than just a hook up..


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  • I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it needs to be said. If you plan on making your love life random hook-ups that you never talk to again, you need to get a lot better at reading women. You are asking about relationship advice and all you want to do is bang this girl. She's told you to come over multiple times so you say, any of those times you could have banged her and never talked to her again.

    It comes down to this, If you want to run game on girls and not have a relationship. You need to not worry one damn bit, nor waste your time talking to them on the phone or texting them, anything. You need to limit your means of contact only to set-up when are we going to meet in person, and nothing else.

    What you are doing right now is making this girl get feeling for you since you have taken so damn long to go over and just do her, so now you might have slide over into the possible boyfriend category.

    If you just want to hook-up and never call her, why do you care if she's playing hard to get. You met on tinder, and she's asked you to come over, this is a very high sign that she wants you to come over and bang her. Just stop talking to her on the phone and go hang out with her.