Help on the jealous type?

My boyfriend is so jealous like if a guy looks at me , he'll be like what you lookin at 😂 I love my baby and his jealousness with all my heart but like he'll tell me if a girl flirts with him and we'll laugh at how he curved her cause I know he doesn't want anyone else 💁🏽 but if I tell him about the GUYS & GIRLS that try to flirt with me , he like wanna explode. Like I don't wanna tell him cause I know the reaction but I do cause you know you're supposed to tell your favorite everything 😛 So what to do?


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  • Let it be girl he loves you!! Thats all that matters but watch out


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  • If he doesn't want to know about it, don't tell him. Who says you're supposed to tell your favorite "everything" ?

    I wouldn't.


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