Is hooking up with a guy on the first date who pursued VERY intensely for 1 week a bad idea?

I met a guy (actually a bartender) at a very laid back Irish bar and we hit it off, exchanged numbers and were texting/talking for a week. I met up with him and hooked up in the back twice. After he said he wanted to do it again outside of the bar. My question is: is he still into that or has he moved on? His messages to me were very sexual and now I haven't heard anything from him (except the day after we hooked up). So has he moved on or does he still want to hook up?


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  • yeah its a bad idea. no respect.


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  • you only knew a guy for 7 days before you hooked up with him. you made it wayyyy too easy for him. if you want anything more than a relationship with this guy you're probably SOL at this point. why would he want anything more with you if you already gave it up? if he does contact you again its most likely going to be sexual. in the future, be more selective about who you sleep with. for example, if you have a little kid and you want him to eat his veggies, you're not gonna let him fill his stomach on fruit roll ups and snickers first. same thing with guys and sex.