I like my brothers close friend?

Ok so weve known eachother for about 13 years but were never close until recently, and coincidentally him and my brother have gotten closer as well, but i really like this guy, john. And i think he likes me too, he's shy but he's actually a really cool person and we have a lot in common. But my brother gets mad when i hang out with them (which i can understand completely) he gets overprotective but how do i tell my brother i actually like this guy without ruining his friendship? I feel so bad but i can't help how i feel. Im not sure if john knows i like him but he leaves for college in like 6 months so i dont even know if its worth it anymore?


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  • Be careful there might be a reason your brother is protective. I have lots of close friends that I would shoot in the head if they ever tried something with my sister. They are great guys for guys, but I know how they are with women.


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  • i feel like you should talk to your bro prior