Does this guy like me?

I've been talking to this guy over a month. We talk all day from the morning til we fall asleep everyday. We both start conversations but it is actually him a lot and I don't say anything back for a while he'll keep saying more stuff. We have a lot in common so it's pretty easy to talk to him. We've hung out quite a bit but we haven't gone on any dates yet. Whenever I mention about going to do something, he seems interested but hasn't asked me on a date yet. I know he doesn't have a job right now but he's looking for one. The only physical thing we've done is make out. But this past weekend we didn't talk as much but I know he was out of town but as soon as he got back, everything was back to how it was. I have extremely bad anxiety so I worry a lot and I'm terrified of him not actually liking me and just trying to get with me. But he's never asked for nudes or even mentioned anything like that. He dated a girl for a while and they broke up last year, we haven't talked about that stuff yet but I don't know when it's acceptable to.


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  • It's too hard to tell because the truth is, most pre-30 guys will just get with a girl for a short fling even if they're looking for a long-term relationship in general. What I would say is that you should have self-respect but don't be afraid to put yourself out there and love. Don't go have sex with him hoping it'll turn him onto you, but at the same time, if it's something you want, don't be afraid of finding out that he was just out to use you the whole time. This is unfortunately all part of the mating rituals of young people and I think that instead of being disgusted by it, you should embrace it.

  • From what you said above he likes you. You need to go out on a date though.


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  • Woah your situation sounds so similar to mine!!! I would straight up ask him or let him know that you only want a relationship. But damn your question sounds so similar to mine 😂 Xxx I think he does like you though, what makes you think he doesn't?