What happened to me during last two years?

Two years ago, I was recently single and I was seeing (platonically) two guys in paralel. Both of them fancied me, they were very interested and one of them even told me he is in love with me. Suddenly, I got a great career opportunity and I had to move to a different country. During these two years I matured a lot, got many experiences and moved ahead also in my career. Now, I returned back and got in touch with these two people.
Both of them are single, I started to chat and we also met few times, but both of them lost attraction to me. They started to treat me as a friend, rather than potential girlfriend.

Even though this is not really important, I wander what might happen to me. Did I age that much during these two years or they just changed? Has something like this happen to you?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Their taste may have changed in those two years and they may have experienced other girls in between


What Girls Said 1

  • They changed. What did you expect them to do? Wait for someone who might never be with them?