I'm just super confused! Men what's the deal?

So this guy. 4 dates, all wonderful. 5th one tomorrow. The only hint towards anything was him asking me what I was looking for on the 4th date. He never text me, but when I text him, he responds immediately, calls me cutie, and will interact with me via text. But why can't he I initiate a conversation? Like he says he really likes me, but I lm just really confused. Can he really
like me but just not desire to text me without me prompting it?


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  • Strange, but it doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

    It could mean that he is concerned that he likes you more than you like him. This stage is not the time to be overly protective with your heart though. He knows you like him and you know he likes you.

    Let him know directly that you would like him to text/communicate more. You might be surprised how much he opens up.

    I dated a woman with kids and I didn't text much because I didn't want to bother her time with the kids. She let me know point blank that if I didn't communicate more she was done. I am so glad she did.

    • I have an infant, maybe that's why?

  • I assume that he is afraid of messing it up with you, he's probably thinking something like

    "I've come so far, if I say just one wrong thing now, this all has been for nothing"

    It also seems like that he's assuming that you will end up in bed together on the 5th date, or that he's expecting it from you, maybe he has a "deadline" for you to initiate intimacy with him- he wants to seal the deal, I guess.

    He is into you for sure, he's attracted to you - but doesn't want to mess it up.


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  • Maybe you should tell him that.