What type of partner do you think you deserve vs what you end up with?

based on how you act, do you feel you deserve someone who is all out good or do you feel that you should have someone closer to you're level or would you prefer someone who has a 'broken soul'.

Bonus question: compared to yourself what type of partner did you end up with?


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  • I am also a broken soul and what too, and I like the way other broken souls think and interact with me.

    Broken souls can be hard to deal with but we are worth the effort.


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  • I have no partner right now (thankfully).


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  • i deserve a girl who's affectionate, and desires sex as much as i do, and listens to me. but i ended up with a girl who isn't, and doesn't, and doesn't show love hardly at all. plus we had a kid and i never wanted kids. even tho we're married. i feel extremely lonely and sexually neglected. so i have to resort to masturbating all the time. i have hardly no sex life anymore, even tho sex is rare.
    she acts more like a best friend than a loving wife.
    plus she's way overweight and i resort to looking at porn to take the edge off of wanting to see a hot girls body, and it bothers her, and i feel sorry about it and i care deeply about her. and even tho i taught about the idea of cheating, i can't for so many reasons, such as im not like that and no other girl wants me anyways.

  • I am a broken soul and I look for similar traits in my partners. Only women with broken souls want the well put together guy lol so I go with choice two and that is the full on bitch with a heart of gold


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