I need some advice for ways to get into a conversation with girls you don't know?

It is always nice to hear other people's was of trying to talk to some new girls! Being an engineering major there aren't many girls in my classes so unfortunately talking about the same work isn't an option :/ I just really want to go up and strike a conversation with a few girls I have seen in the hallways but don't know how to do it! Any tips? Life experience? Advice?


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  • Start by saying "hi" and introducing yourself to them.


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  • I'm in the exact same situation, it's my punishment for choosing to study something nerdy that virtually no girls are interested in. You can elect to take some other classes that have more girls in them or you could join some groups where you can meet girls, or if you're like me and ain't got no time for that, you're just going to have to go up to a random girl and start a conversation. I'm always honest, tell her I thought she was cute and introduce myself. I hated doing it at first, but I forced myself because I needed some female interaction, lol. I find it really fun now though, especially when I got my bros as wings.

    • Wow great advice! I'd say I am in a similar situation but have never pushed myself to talking to random girls which I wish I had the courage to do lol! I've always had girls in my classes and now as the classes become more major oriented there are way less girls! So awful that society can't make a better way for students and even people in general to meet others!