Why did he came back after a month?

So my ex and I went out 2 years ago but it didn't really work out. He recently hit me up again a month ago. He said he wanted to get back and give it another try and actually make things work. He said that he had changed and mature. We hang out and we kissed for the first time later on that day he texted me saying he had an amazing time with me. A week later I saw his Snapchat story and he was with hanging out with another girl who he called "babe". I went on Instagram and he had blocked me which I don't get because he said he loved me and wanted to make things work and now that a month passed he wants to talk to me again? He's confusing, please help :/


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  • I wouldn't bother with him really. He's not man enough to stay around. Just dump him and tell him to get lost. He doesn't love you he's looking for sex if you give it too him he'll just block you again.


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  • Get rid of him! If he's blocked you on instagram and is posting snap stories with a girl he calls "babe" then I'm sorry to say he is not wanting a relationship with you but simply wants you on the side as his plan b and to feel like he has power over you! You can do and deserve to do so much better!