I still like her... what would be the best thing to do?

i really like this girl we have known each other for 3 years and we have beeen good friends and only to this year we decided we might want to take it another level up and i asked her out for valentines day and she said yes a month later i asked her out then she told me that she doesn't want to rush anything and she will give me an answer at the end of the year. that is when things where good.
When things got really bad we had one massive fight were we said hurtful things and she was being a real bitch by telling me she has another guy etc and i should move on etc
Then she came out of her own and appologized to me and she wants things to go back to the way they used to be and that she misses it and wants things to go back to the way they were but she didn't mention anything about dating
'i really want to date her and i want her to be comfortable with me again
im all ears for suggestion how would i get back on the same page with her and date her


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  • I don't think that girl is interested in being your girlfriend. I believe you're wasting your time with her, while you should have moved on already.


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  • You can not wait for a person who is not that into you... Who wants to make you wait for a year? Fuck that! She also had another guy? I would have walked away from her the first time she tells me to wait...
    When she makes you wait she is just Keeping you as a backup... I bet you don't wanna be that person...

    It would be best to move on from her... And some girl who would want you for you...


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  • Man what a train wreck, why do you want to deal with this exactly? So you go on a date in February and she want's you to wait until the end of the damn year for her to decide? Then she starts dating someone else? She's totally fucking with you, I would not talk to her at all anymore, I personally would have stopped talking to her when she told me to wait 10 months while she figures out her feeling for me. You will be much happier finding someone else.

  • i think girl wants ur friendship only but not want u as a boyfriend so be her friend if u want and find a other girl