Falling for my BGF? Two other guys interested in me, his good friend and a guy he doesn't trust. What do I do?

So I recently got rejected by a guy I liked and now I’m finding myself attracted to my best guy friend. I don’t think it is just me rebounding but it is still a possibility. I constantly want his attention and affection and I have always thought he was a possibility for dating.

Unfortunately for me though he has told my suite mate that he doesn’t feel anything for me that way, even though everyone “Ships it”. And now it has also come to my attention that there are two guys that are interested in dating me. One of them is one of his best friends (I only met this friend very recently), whom he wants to set me up with. The other someone else he is kind of friends with whom he doesn’t trust and feels only wants to get into my pants, so he is being very protective of me.

So here is the real question: what the heck do I do? I’m attracted to my best guy friend who is trying to set me up with his friend and protecting me from another one when I only think I want my BGF. How do I go about this?


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  • Tell him that u like him duhh. Don't let him set u up for anything ur not prepared to go for. Just tell him. Best friends should be able to tell each other a lot of things so maybe u should go out and tell him ur true feelings. The longer u hold it in the more worse it becomes.


What Girls Said 1

  • Show him that you like him. Ask him to hang out together, touch him a lot, compliment him... you're a girl. You can easily seduce the dude.