Why do guys like a challenge when it comes to girls?

A girl that doesn't chase after him or slept with a number of guys. They want you to be a virgin and them to be the one to make all the moves like calling texting and asking out on dates.


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  • if a female were to date me im going to day dating isn't my lane so if she's experienced she's gonna have a lot a lot of trouble with me because I don't know what I'm doing at all? when I'm nervous or have anxiety I xant speak normally like my words are not understandable

  • I think you misunderstand this part of dating. Presenting a challenge is a way to elevate your perceived value to others. If you're a challenge there has to be a reason and so forth. It works just as well when men does it as when women does it.

    The flip-side however is that after the whole chase and overcoming the challenge you were expecting the experience of a life-time and probably got something pretty mediocre. Makes it very easy to ahem "hit-it-and-quit-it".

    Same effect occurs pretty much whatever you withhold from people. Deny a kid a toy and that will be the best toy in the room. That's just psychology.

  • Not necessarily. I personally don't like a challenge. And I would hate being the one to initiate contact every time.


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