Girls, Do white girls care about the height of a Asian man?

I am a Chinese , but i am not very tall and i like white girl. Even if just keep nomall relationships with them.


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  • It shouldn't be a problem if they are interested in you specifically. Not just because your Chinese. I'm mixed, not Asian, but I always attract your nationality of people. So if that's even possible then of course. The height shouldn't have to matter. Although main Asians are often short or like smack in the middle. And a good amount are tall also. So let the person love you for you and leave the shallow ones allow. Especially when they only date you because your Chinese to fulfill their fantasies. Because it will mean their not really focusing on you and they may have a hard time accepting your flaws as well. Hopes this helps.

  • i feel that you should look a white girl with same as your height. you will feel confident and there is nothing wrong with same height. but ya, a girl doesn't care about the height if she is true to relationship and really badly want that relationship.