Should I let him travel to me?

I met a guy through an online dating site. We live roughly 2.5 hours apart and he wanted to get together this weekend as he will be traveling through my town. I told him I would need to see if I could get off work (not sure since short notice and all) and he told me if not he will try to make a trip up soon to meet me. I don't mind traveling to meet him (and I would have to go to his town as there is nothing between us, but trees and a town of like 500 people like. But I don't want to act too forward or not let him "be the man" or any of that jazz.


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  • How about I fly you to me on a private jet

    • Hahaha, tHanks, but no thanks

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    • Lol ok, but hopefully I won't be.

    • True, I might be the one you've been searching for

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  • yeah let him spend the money at first. and I'm NOT being sarcastic. if you like him then bring up sometime of compromise

    • I suppose the issue for me is this is the first time he has asked to meet in a month, so who knows how much longer I have to wait.

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    • yeah, if he waits too long it could either annoy you and make you lose interest or it could do the opposite and get you excited to finally meet. but another month, you'll probably meet someone new by then. especially if your actively seeking a relationship. and no Shawn, I'm not

    • I'm talking to @megabeauty lol sorry