What should I do?

How to just let argument go? Me and boyfriend talk about and fix and everything was fine. We telling each we love each and our future. But once I get off the phone with him I'm laying here thinking about everything that was said. My fears of losing him so sky high it's crazy, I have told him that he's said I have nothing to worry. He loves me and I'm his everything, his future wife. But I feel like things change and I don't know if I am overthinking that or things really just change. Like I don't know if should bring everything up again since I have already and we talk about over the phone but I don't know why I'm still feeling this way. Im thinking of thinking this way or feeling this way he could to because he's in prison (please don't judge) and all he do this think so who knows where is mind could be. I'm just scared to lose him and I feel like more then ever I do and I'm not but I feel this way and I told him. I just don't know what to do advice please!'

Need advice please...


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  • my ex left me 6times and to this I feel like a monster, because I end depressed, angry because I'm alone. And she knows that's she was the best I'll ever have and will ever have. So since I'm on gang I purpose go into rival territory to see if get shot. I know I should seek help. But when i talk about my emotions no one cared. So that's why i do what i do. (sorry my bad)


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  • You need to calm down and relax and take each step at a time. Your worries will end up damaging your relationship.