Is this normal?

So basically, I've been talking to this guy online for about 2 weeks. We are planning to meet up this week. But I am not sure how to put this but he is very forward, like within a week and a half of talking he's planning our life together. This morning I asked why he split up with the mother of his baby (we are both 19) and he explained then said and to start a new life with you. Is this signs of a controlling relationship, is this normal/weird? Maybe I'm over thinking it, but it's very soon.

I will also add he is desperate for me
To meet his daughter? (1.5 year old) what is that all about?


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  • Well it sounds like he's trying to be "smooth" and not realizing he sounds like a massive creeper. Yeah, without meeting someone and trying to say you are going to start a new life with them is a beyond weird if he seriously thinks that. I would make sure you meet up at like starbucks in the middle of the afternoon an make sure a couple people know you are going there.

    • adding the daughter in this brings it to another level of crazy. I would personally just stop talking to this person completely. I see nothing good coming out of this situation unfortunately.

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  • Possibly he could be controlling. And he sounds like the type to fall in love fast. But let me tell you this. Men who tend to fall in love fast are usually the ones whonare insecure and feel that they need someone to make them complete. From experience, when a guy falls in love fast it never last long. Just be mindful thst men who fall in love fast and the ones quick to move on when things are not going there way in a relationship


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  • some guys are goofy and talk like that without meaning anything - problem is you never know who those guys are. That's just weird behavior and downright creepy.
    It's your life obviously but in my position if a girl was doing that to me? I would quickly make excuses to end the relationship, block her from my social media and get away from her. She can THINK it all she wants but to say it that early on is just - no just no

  • Yea that's pretty weird tbh

  • Very normal


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  • Yeah its crazy. Plus already has a kid at 19 and he's left its mother and BABY at the first sign of someone he fancies... so when someone cuter than you comes along, he will have no trouble splitting up with you.

    I mean you haven even met this person yet and he's 'planning his life with you'. What a nutcase. Run like the wind, delete his number and never contact this guy again. Your life might depend on it.

    • Also, even if it was a healthy relationship, you shouldn't be meeting his daughter. That's so insulting to the kids mother. You at least need to meet her first and if I was her I would refuse to let my child near you for at least a few months of you and him dating.

  • Trust your instincts, sister. He would be moving WAY too fast for me.
    be careful, ok?

    • you have been talking to him online for only 2 weeks? And he wants you to meet his daughter. This is just a little weird. I would slow way way down. Maybe even stop and go the other way. But you already know that.