Difficulty being "manly" ?

I'm a straight male, 18 year old freshman in college, just started being interested in the dating world as I have a lot more freedom than I did back at home.

Now, my physical appearance isn't what most people would consider, "manlike," as in I do have plenty of muscle, but "unfortunately," (a bit embarrassing) the size and shape of my butt isn't exactly normal. It puts some of the girls to shame, if compared to theirs, and it's difficult to find things to wear that aren't baggy, because my behind is the first thing you'd notice if you took a look at me. I am also 5'4, which makes it look even bigger (note that I do love my height, it makes me a lot faster in sports :D ) , and overall it is completely disproportionate from the rest of my body. I have tried to do everything from squatting, running, sprinting (hiit style), leg press, but all these things do is simply increase it's shape and size. I figure, I just accept my genes, and roll with it, I suppose it's nice to turn heads, maybe... ugh.

Secondly, my face isn't exactly roughed up, as I absolutely hate facial hair on me, and make sure that I shave every 2 days, giving me a "glowing face." Plus, I love to straighten my hair, and absolutely 'cannot' see myself with short hair, I just cannot do it. Looking "macho" and all of that is something I'm not really interested in, but I don't want to look like a complete female either. I cry a lot, spill my guts if necessary, pretty much very emotional

If anyone wants an "idea" of what I look like, search up Japanese music artist, "Hideto Takarai" (one of my favorite artists!), except, I'm a lot less petite, and I have a bigger body.

Are all girls simply going to dislike me because of how I look? Do I need to drastically change? I've somehow managed to retrieve a couple of girls' numbers, but could they really not be attracted to me? I am straight, and I'm not questioning my gender whatsoever, I just think genes had a heavy roll in my appearance. Thank you!!


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  • honestly i didn't read ur whole post but as far as ur ass goes, ur gonna have to lose weight (maybe try a vegan diet for a few months) and do a lot of cardio, stop any type of lower body strength training exercises


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  • "the size and shape of my butt isn't exactly normal"

    If you aren't exaggerating, then you should possible go to a doctor and let your chromosomes get checked. This is a common symptom for the Klinefelter syndrome (when you have XXY chromosome).

    • What I meant by not normal, I meant that it's simply bigger, and more shaped than an average man's. I don't think it's too serious, but I'll give that a check :)

  • Just lose some weight it will be ok.