Should I still give him chance? Does he want a serious relationship?

So when I met this guy 2 months ago I told him lets see how things go and lets start as friends, at that time I didn't even like him he was like an option to me then we met I met his friends and everything was fun. We hadn't even hooked up but was flirting. Then his friends started pushing us together but still he didn't really initiate anything and someone even asked him are you looking for serious thing with her he said I just met her nd that we are dating for now Then his friends push him on to me saying I should kiss him and they still do. It came to a point I grabbed him and we had a whole makeout session lol he acts really shy around me and always pays close attention when I'm near and tries to make sure I'm having a good time! I just asked him if he is talking to other girls he said no and that if he was his friends would tell me. they all love me!! Anyways I finally ask him what are we question? He said that he is busy with school and that his parents just came in town to stay and wouldn't really have time for responsibility of a relationship. and I told him that I'm not saying lets jump into something right now because I wouldn't be comfortable with that too I wanna know u more.. I might not like u next week and he is like I don't wanna say yes then it doesn't work out and you to get mad! I'm like no I just wanna be in the right direction. We have made like plans for the holidays and to go to vocation as a group and stuff too so it be kinda awkward if I don't go...


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  • He wants a relationship but he isn't ready 100%. Soon he will be ready so don't leave him, even if he says so. He only says that because he is so confused


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  • He doesn't sound interested to be serious with you.