Should I continue pursuing her?

I really like this girl at my job, she's 24 and I'm 20, she has a boyfriend but here's the thing. Her boyfriend lives in a different state, they never actually lived in the same state before but she visits him on a weekend every few weeks, he's going to school for some medical position. She gave me her number, we talked for a bit and when I tried to hang out with her, she said sounds good at first, but then I'm guessing she told her boyfriend about it because she then told me that she can't hang out because her boyfriend doesn't want her hanging out with a guy, which I can understand, so she told me she wants to be friends at work. I really like her though, I've know her for about 6 months, and we talk everytime we see eachother. I find it weird that she goes to see him, he never comes here to see her. Im really just waiting because I know long distance relationships can be hard. Should I continue to just be friends unless something happens with them? She knows I'm interested in her, should I continue to compliment her still letting her know I'm interested, or should I just move on from the whole idea?


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  • lol

    should i persue her

    'she has a bf'

    NO :)


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  • Listen, please don't be that guy. You know the guy who likes a girl that has a boyfriend, but he stays in friend zone hoping they'll eventually break up and he'll live happily ever after with the girl. It's probably not gonna happen. She even told she couldn't hang out with you because of her boyfriend. Find another girl, you can remain friends with her but just find another girl yo.


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  • She has a boyfriend. Leave her alone


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  • dont be a home wrecker