Is it worth my time to pursue this girl or should I just stay away from her entirely?

if you read some of my last few questions you'll see what happened but basically she didn't really have much to do with what happened, and she never said she didn't like me, she just said she has a boyfriend right now. so instead of staying away from her entirely should I stick around just enough so that she doesn't forget about me


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  • Still be her friend. Just make sure she has casual conversations with her. Ask her about her relationship every once in a while. Then if you know they're about to break up then you can be more empathetic and can involve more into the touch barrier like hugs. Then when they break up. She'll realize you've always been there for her and she will fall for you.


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  • Don't bother with her for now. You don't know how long her relationship or whatever will last, in which time you could find another girl.


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  • Not sure if She is Telling you the Truth about 'She has a boyfriend right now,' but I do Know... Best to stay Clear, dear.
    Maybe if she wanted to Remember you, she would Not have Said it and Maybe Meant it.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd move on. She has a boyfriend. It's hard, but in the long run, moving on is worth it