Why did he tell me he had a girlfriend when he doesn't?

I met a guy when I was out as he was a friend of a friend and we got on really well like actually had a good conversation outside etc. So in the club we were all dancing together and everything like my friends and his and he was really nice protecting me like holding my hand and stuff making sure I didn't get lost in the crowd. Then a bit later he like pulled me close to him and started saying I was hot and stuff and he kissed me then said after that he had a girlfriend I was confused. He texted me the next morning saying he missed not seeing me for the rest of the night but I asked him if he actually had a girlfriend and he said no? He said he was really drunk and doesn't know why he said it. But then I don't know why if it was because he wasn't interested that he would text me and say he wanted to see me again. It doesn't make sense to me


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  • He was probably drunk

    • Yeah but why would u lie about that when drunk

    • You don't control you're slef when you're drunk

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  • He probably meant to say he wanted you to be his girlfriend but he was drunk and didn't know what he was saying.


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  • He was drunk. Drunk people say things

  • You've already asked this question, you're trying to make more out of nothing. The guy was drunk he was being a sleaze. He more and likely has a girlfriend and wants you as a bit on the side.

    • Yeah so what if I already asked it? Pretty sure that's not against the rules LOL. Nobody answered so I asked it again :)

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    • Well I don't care I can post what I want haha

    • Calm down it's a website not the law x