How to make the jump from casually dating to boyfriend/girlfriend?

This girl and I have been dating for a few months casually, but the other week she confessed how she felt about me and I did the same. I would like to make this exclusive within the next few weeks or so. Any tips or anything on how to bring something like this up? Or just go for it?


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  • If you're both clear about how you feel about each other, then I see no risk at just going for it. Just ask her if she'd be willing to be your girlfriend. Good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • Im a little confused on what ur trying to ask here. Are you asking how to transition from casually dating to bf-gf or are you asking how you should talk to her about dating?

    • Well we already are dating, but I'd like to make it official.

    • Well then no more needs to be done if ur already dating. If you are curious or worried about the situation just ask her. it sounds official enough for me.