Guys, Why do guys act hot and cold?

So there is this guy who will flirt with me like crazy. He will touch my leg, lean in when talking, and even give me that weird look that you see guys make in cheesy rom-coms. But then there will be days that he just ignores me in general, or will flirt with a girl right in front of my face. I honestly do not understand what is going on.

So, why do guys act hot and cold?


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  • It depends on which water tower we are getting our water from that day...

    • what?

    • You asked why we act hot or cold. When we drink from the cold water tank, we are cold. When we drink from the hot water tank, we are hot.

  • Because it works, that's why. If he was consistent, you'd lose interest eventually. Whether you will admit this or not remains to be seen. He either instinctively knows this or consciously knows it.

    • So he is trying to keep me interested?

    • It's probably not something her is consciously aware of doing. Guys adapt to their environment and it becomes a part of who they are. Some guys do it on purpose but I think most do it naturally.

      Sometimes i ignore a girl I'm really into because some days I just can't be bothered, am in a bad mood, busy or focused on something else. Or something they said or did just turned me off.

    • Well ok. But it's so confusing. For example we have a class together, and in that class he just pretends like I don't exist. But then we work in a lab together and there he will talk to me like its no ones business, and when we hang out with our friend group he will flirt with me non stop. I really don't understand. Oh and in that same class that I have with him he just started semi-flirting with this girl--yesterday, AFTER we all hung out (our friend group) and he was obviously flirting with me. I just don't get it. Am I crazy for being confused?

  • He could just be a flirting to pass time