Did my Ex boyfriend ruin another potential relationship for me? Is it worth is to ask the guy I was dating what happened?

Long story short I had been dating a guy for a while and things seemed to be going good. The he asked me out for a date and stood me up. I haven't gotten a text from him since. I texted him one time to ask if he was alright and never got a reply. My ex has been known to ruin things for me and these two are friends on facebook. My ex also knew we were dating. Is it possible he messaged the guy I was dating and ruined it for me? And if it is then is it even worth my time to ask the guy was dating about it?


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  • Possible? Yes. But you have no proof of it. My suggestion straight up ask the dude in person.

    • There is no chance of me seeing either of them in person. We are older and do not go to the same colleges

    • The guy who stood you up? That's who I mean to ask in person. Put him on the spot. See if he says anything

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  • Why would he do something like that? The guy probably bailed for different reasons.