Girls, Seriously, why do I have zero game with girls?

I'll try to keep this short as possible, but I've always had problems taking to other people ever since I was little. I didn't start taking taking care of myself till college. I tried to improve my social skills, especially, with women. Mentally, I've read books, articles, watched how to videos on how to be more of a extrovert and attractive, I've even watched my friends pick up girls on the spot. Physically, I've lost weight, had my braces taken off, eye surgery, contacts and I go to the gym regularly. I have no idea what else to do, maybe I'm just naturally awkward, boring or too nice
but Im just sick of watching my friends have girlfriends come and go and I can't even get a real phone number. I'm funny and good hearted, but I'm always at home on the weekends or at the bar with my friends.


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  • Maybe you have not found the right one yet

    • Maybe you're right, but in my situation though, I would rather fix myself, now, to be attractive, than wait another 22 years for "the one" who may or may not exist.

  • Observe how your friends behave towards females compared to how you behave towards them. Find out the differences. Mimic your friends/ask them to give you a hand.

    • I do, they're more extroverted and have physical and personal traits that are attractive to women, so I got out of my bubble and dropped 50lbs. It was a little easier, but all the conversations I started, ended up with a fake phone number or some reason like "I'm really busy this weekend" or " I have a boyfriend". I don't know if it was real, an excuse or a test to see how I would react, but I don't like to be too persistent cause then I'm annoying. It has to be how and what I talk about with women, because, if not, then I've run out of things to fix. I guess I would say my conversations get boring or I'll think of something that is funny, but won't say it because, I don't want my sense of humor to be a deal breaker. They say be yourself, but if I was, I wouldn't be on here trying to find out why I'm getting rejected so much.