When is the good time to ask a girl out?

I've met this girl for about two weeks but have only been on 1 date and will have a second one this weekend. I really like her and have feelings for her, but how long should I wait to ask her out (like gf/bf). I know that it's not good to say it too early or too late, but I just don't know when is the appropriate time...


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  • There really is no rule. My boyfriend and I agreed to be gf/bf on our second date only after 3 weeks of talking to each other. The appropriate time would be when you want to the relationship to be exclusive and you can sense that she wants the same thing. It never hurts to ask. If she is not ready then she will most likely just ask that you two go on a few more dates first. Good luck.

    • It never hurts to ask but it can be screwed in no time.

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    • By the way she keeps saying that God is telling her it's not the time and that she wants to follow God's plan...

    • She said this before when I first told you that I got rejected


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  • If first day goes well suggest you want to go out again in a week or so.

  • I don't think you should mention that to her. Sometimes people freak out when you mention commitment even if they want the same thing. Keep on dating her and try to make moves. I hope you have already kissed her.

    • Kiss? Isn't that too fast considering you're not even bf/gf?

    • Kiss her, otherwise you will end up being friend-zoned because the girl will assume that you don't have the guts to kiss her or you don't feel sexually attracted to her.

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  • Well there's not really a rule for that some become gf/bf at the begining some become after few weeks or month other don't ask but just know that they have become gf/bf. I think after the kiss you become gf/bf without saying/asking it