How do I stop this guy from stealing my crush if I'm still not sure how she feels about me?

I like her a lot but she's still sending me mixed signals even after I decided to stay away from her after what my so called, "friend", did, (he basically took her on a date and harassed me about it, then he knew I was mad and tried to apologize yet he still hangs around her. I figured I should leave her alone and let it go but she never did anything wrong, it's really just him. I'm asking this question because I'm lost, I don't wanna start a fight or anything but I feel like I'm just letting this guy come in and steal this amazing girl from me. Today they walked straight passed me talking and I can't stand it. how do I eliminate him from the picture?


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  • No one can actually steal anyone. People are responsible for their own actions. Anyway, ask her out too and see how she responds.


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  • He's not stealing her from you, she's not yours. It's really pathetic to not make a move and then get bitter about someone coming in who is proactive and does make a move. If you want her, you put in the effort and make a move otherwise accept that someone else will come in. Don't worry about him, do your own thing. If she rejects you then forget about it and move on.

    • I've been doing my own thing, I was taking it slow before he came along but when he did I just got distraught and decided to move on since thats what the majority of the people I asked said I should do. so I should just keep talking to her?