How to initiate a get-back-together talk?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about half a year ago. Nobody cheated or smth like that, we were just both going through rough times. But I haven't stopped loving him and I think neither has he. He reached out to me not long ago and we have amazing time when we go out. So I want us to be a couple again, but I don't know how to start that conversation and what to say... I can't just go and hit him with a "Wanna get back together?" out of the blue and I'm scared that if I mess up, he'll say "no".


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  • Why can't you say let's get back together again? You just tell him "It's obvious we both have a great time together, and I think we both might still have feelings. What do you say we give this another shot?"
    If he says no he says no because he doesn't want you back no because in how you asked

  • in middle-school, she always walked up to me with her best friend next to her, tried to look cute and said "I want you back". She did this about 6 times.


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  • just dont sister