Guys, Would this be a nice meal to cook for my boyfriend and his family when I meet them?

I was thinking of making a spicy ginger honey salmon with a bed of jasmine rice. A small spinach salad, garlic and herd potatoes and maybe a chocolate lime cake for dessert. Would guys enjoy this meal or am I being way to fancy or should I add to it or something? I know itself stupid to some people but I really want to make them something nice


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  • Sounds delish... what time is dinner? What kind of wine do you prefer?

    • it's 2morrow at 7 and i'm under age no wine

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    • Good luck with your dinner. i'm sure you'll be fine.

    • I hope so

  • Ask first - find out about allergies, preferences, vegetarians or vegans, that type of thing.

    • he's the only one in his family with different needs that's why I chose fish over other meats