Guys, Does this seem friendly?

Ok so I recently blew off this guy that I had history with. 2 weeks after this my friend sees that he's around my way. I shoot him a quick text saying "Hey Molly said that she saw you close around. Wanted to know if you would like to grab coffee. Miss you".

Now my friend said my invitation seems friendly, even with the "miss you" at the end. She said Miss you is different than I miss you, especially after blowing him off and waiting 2 weeks. All in all she said it sounds like I'm asking to grab coffee as a friend.

I on the other hand don't see it as friendly at all. I think the miss you shows interest and that a guy won't pick up on miss you vs. I miss you.

So do guys pick up on miss you vs. I miss you?
Does this seem like a friendly invitation?


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  • I would be totally clueless in trying to read some hidden difference between "miss you" and "I miss you."

  • WAY too subtle for a guy.

    • See that's what I thought too. I guess my friend is just saying since I blew him off just recently and then waited weeks to reach out it seems like a friendly invitation *shrug*

  • I think he would take it as you are hitting on him

    • That's what I thought. My friend said it comes off like I'm toying with him or just wanting to be friendly since I blew him off then waited 2 weeks to say something to him (asking for coffee)

    • Yeah just some advice guys usually overestimate when it comes to girls liking them while girls usually underestimate